Directors duo / Writters / Photographers 
from France, based in Paris 


ODESZA - Late Night (Directed by MESKA) / Ninja Tunes 
Seth XVI - Give It All (Written and directed by MESKA) / DDM Recordings
Cabadzi - Bouche (Written and directed by MESKA)
Ruby Empress - Escapism Deluxe (Written and directed by MESKA) / Ruby Records / Glassnote Records
Jumo - Désert (Directed by MESKA in collaboration with CELA) / Nowadays Records
Jumo - Nomade (Written and directed by MESKA) / Nowadays Records
ODESZA - My Friends Never Die / Ninja Tunes
Tour De Force - On The Road (Documentary) / Dub-Stuy Records
Tour De Force - Disco 45 / Dub-Stuy Records


European Diary : Fakear on tour (Directed by MESKA) / Counter Records
Jumo 360° Live @ La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris (Directed by MESKA) / Nowadays Records
Golan - Rooftop Live Session in Paris (Shot by MESKA) / Golan / Echoism Music
Shanti D - Inna Different Style - Live Session (Directed by MESKA) / Dub-Stuy Records


Le Maelstrom (Written by MESKA & Kevin Zonnenberg, directed by MESKA) / Meskaprod / Clap Au Nord

A Bang In The Void (Written and directed by MESKA) / Meskaprod


Auchan - Le Père-Noël vient du Nord (Directed by Meska) / Altavia Lille
Lillistone - L'ORIGINAL (Directed by Meska) / Lilistone Joaillier 


Beyond borders (Written and directed by MESKA) / Communauté de commune Territoire d'Albâtre / Laboratoire TVES / UP
Life In Motion (Directed by MESKA) / Communauté de commune Normandie / Laboratoire TVES / UP
TALKS - Dialogue avec les habitants (Directed by MESKA) / Communauté de commune Normandie / Laboratoire TVES / UP
Different Moods - A Short Film About Nothing (Directed by MESKA) / Communauté de commune Normandie / Laboratoire TVES / UP
Le temps s'est arrêté à Vaux Le Vicompte (Directed by Meska) / Dartagnans